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18-Wheeler Safety

Possessing enormous size and speed, 18-wheelers on the road can seem intimidating. It would seem so for a reason. Statistics for 18-wheeler accidents reveal that 4% of vehicle-related injuries are from accidents involving 18-wheelers. 12% of all vehicle-related deaths involve 18-wheelers or other large trucks. People in the non-commercial vehicle will suffer more injuries, whereas the drivers of 18-wheelers suffer more deaths.

Like any other job, commercial drivers are on the road to fulfill their duties. Many have chosen or have been encouraged by their employers to drive at excess speeds to ensure fast delivery of the specific cargo they are transporting.

Some 18-Wheeler Dangers

Because of the design of these vehicles and the chance that a commercial truck driver could make a mistake at any minute, there are several important hazards you should be aware of when sharing the road with semi-trucks:

  • Tired Drivers: Long days and nights of driving combined with tunnel vision can leave the driver of an 18-wheeler inattentive.
  • Blind Spots: Due to the lengthy design of 18-wheelers and inadequate viewing/mirror devices, drivers can sometimes only see parts of the opposite lane in front of them and behind them.
  • Changing Lanes: If a driver of an 18-wheeler decides to change lanes and another vehicle is in his blind spot, there is a great likelihood that the driver of the 18-wheeler failed to notice the other driver.
  • Tailgating: This goes for all vehicles. If at any point a driver decides to tailgate, he or she runs the risk of reducing the reaction time needed to avoid an accident.
  • Other: Whether it is not recognizing the road conditions, traffic laws, or simply driving recklessly, an 18-wheeler is a very big piece of equipment that should always be paid attention to while on the road.

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