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5 Important Facts About Cell Phones and Driving

Many reports regarding the dangers of driving while using a cell phone have been published in the past several years. However, drivers continue to participate in this behavior. To better understand the hazards of driving while distracted with a cell phone, consider the following facts:

  1. Many studies have shown cell phone use while driving to be as unsafe as driving while intoxicated, and in some studies it proved even more dangerous.
  2. A recent study estimated that over 2,600 people are killed and more than 330,000 injured every year due to drivers using cell phones.
  3. Young drivers are particularly likely to use mobile devices while driving, though adults of all ages have been found guilty of the practice.
  4. Writing or reading texts while driving can be particularly dangerous, but about 1 out of 5 adults still engage in this practice, as do nearly half of teen drivers.
  5. Many people assume that the main danger of using a cell phone while driving is having one or both hands on the phone instead of on the wheel, but studies have shown that using a hands-free device does not improve safety.

Unfortunately, distracted driving due to cell phones and other items can lead to devastating accidents.

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