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5 Tips for Driving in Icy Conditions

The onset of winter brings with it many welcome changes: family holidays, paid vacation, playoff football, and an opportunity to break out the sweaters that have been boxed up in the back of the closet since March. Unfortunately, winter also brings with it inclement weather that contributes to hazardous driving conditions as snow and ice coat the roads. As a result, 30% of car accidents take place in December, January, or February.

Being aware of the hazards of driving in icy conditions can help you keep yourself, your passengers, and other motorists safe. Some of the steps you can take to ensure safe passage over icy roads are:

#1: Slow Down

The easiest and most overlooked safety precaution you can take is to simply reduce speed. Slowing the vehicle gives you more control and allows more time to react to unpredictable road conditions.

#2: Do Not Brake Suddenly

When ice is present on the road, sudden braking can cause the tires to lose traction and begin to slide. Instead, begin braking early and ease the pedal down.

#3: Do Not Make Sudden Lane Changes

Changing lanes or turning suddenly can be dangerous as the vehicle’s momentum will keep it moving forward, resulting in an uncontrolled slide across the ice after a sharp turn.

#4: Use Chains When Appropriate

Snow chains are not always a feasible option, but they can be essential in certain situations. When you are climbing a steep grade on which you know ice may be present, take the time to put your chains on.

#5: Increase Your Following Distance

When sudden steering and speed adjustments can cause you to lose traction, it becomes increasingly important to give yourself ample following distance to react to any changing driving conditions.

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Unfortunately, not every driver on the road will take the proper precautions to prevent an accident in icy conditions. If you have been involved in a car accident resulting from the negligent driving of another motorist, you have the right to seek compensation for any medical expenses, property damage, or pain and suffering that you have incurred. Contact the Appleton car accident lawyers of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. at 800-242-2874 to speak to a skilled and experienced attorney about your case.

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