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Brake Failure

Being unable to stop a fast-traveling vehicle can be one of the most shocking and traumatic experiences one can have. The shock can only be matched by its degree of deadliness. The vehicle operator, passengers of the vehicle, other drivers, and pedestrians all become potential targets when an operator loses control of the speed of his or her vehicle.

Main Brake Failure Causes

Several different things, all equally dangerous, can lead to a loss of braking ability in a vehicle. Some of the most common causes of brake failure include:

  • Worn Brake Pads – When brake pads have been worn a squealing noise will come from brake pads warning you that it is time to change the brakes. Thinner brake pads are not as effective as thicker pads and can pose a threat to your brakes in the future.
  • Brake Fluid Loss – A leak in break fluid decreases force onto the brake calipers which results in the calipers being unable to press down on the disc breaks needed to slow down the vehicle. A sign that brake fluid is low is to feel for soft brakes. If you feel the need to push your leg into the brake pedal to an unusual extent you should check the brakes and fluid as soon as possible.
  • Oil on Brake Pads – Oil or grease located between the disc brakes increases the lubricity between the discs and reduces friction by a tremendous amount. Friction is required for the brakes to work since braking is essentially stopping the turning of wheels.
  • Defective Brakes – Each year recalls are made from vehicles whose parts fail or are defective. Brakes can also be defective and may fail at the worst of times – while in traffic. With situations such as these a lawsuit against the manufacturer may be an option.

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