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Chronic Whiplash

Whiplash is a painful and frustrating injury in almost all cases. It occurs when a person experiences a sudden change of direction or jolt, which occurs in many car accidents. Rear-end collisions are responsible for a great deal of whiplash injuries in the U.S., and there are hundreds of thousands of these accidents in the U.S. each year. While many people experience the pain and difficulty moving associated with whiplash for days or weeks, for some people whiplash develops into a chronic condition, lasting months or longer.

Ongoing Symptoms

Any time someone experiences a whiplash injury, it is likely that they will experience a significant amount of pain. Whiplash can also make it difficult to perform daily tasks. No matter how long whiplash lasts, it can be a difficult ordeal. However, for those who suffer from chronic whiplash, the pain and suffering seem not to end. Individuals with chronic whiplash may experience:

  • Ongoing, significant to severe pain
  • Inability to perform self-care tasks
  • Inability to carry or lift objects
  • Inability to work, depending on job

Often, those with chronic whiplash pay for continuous rounds of treatment and medications, trying to get their life back under control. It is also quite common for those affected to develop depression or anxiety. Although whiplash is normally considered a “minor” injury, it can lead to months and years of physical, emotional, and financial suffering.

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