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Driving Safely Near Large Trucks

Truck drivers cover incredibly long distances each day, often crossing multiple state lines. Faced with strict delivery deadlines, some truckers may not take adequate breaks, and thus could be overly tired. Other drivers might rely too heavily on caffeine or even illegal stimulants to keep them awake during the drive. Some drivers might handle their trucks recklessly in the face of a looming deadline, and trucks may be overloaded or unbalanced.

These risky behaviors put truck drivers at increased risks for accidents, which can be particularly hazardous not only to the truck driver, but also to anyone in a smaller car. With such a large difference in size and weight, passengers in smaller cars are much more likely than the truck driver to suffer severe or even fatal injuries.

Many passenger car drivers are in contact with large trucks each day during a commute to and from work, school, or other daily tasks. Though most drivers are aware of the dangers of big trucks in the event of an accident, few people know how to drive safely near a big truck to decrease the likelihood that an accident will occur.

Taking Safety Precautions on the Road

All drivers are aware of the existence of a blind spot, an area that is not visible either in mirrors or directly in a driver’s line of sight. By driving in someone else’s blind spot, a person is putting their car at an increased risk for an accident. What many drivers do not realize is that large trucks not only have increased blind spots, but more blind spots than smaller vehicles. Do not drive in a trucker’s blind spot, which includes anywhere that you cannot see the truck’s mirrors.

In addition, large trucks have difficultly stopping quickly because of their size and weight. By cutting closely in front of a large truck in traffic, you are putting yourself at increased risk for an accident. If you hit your brakes after crossing in front of a truck, the trucker may not be able to hit his or her own brakes in time to avoid a collision. Always leave plenty of space between the back of your car and the front of a big truck.

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