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Reckless and Inattentive Driving

One of the most common causes of accidents in the US are accidents that are brought on by reckless and inattentive driving. Reckless driving is the practice of disregarding road conditions, traffic rules, and other drivers on the road. Inattentive driving is also reckless driving, but it is less purposeful and just as careless.

Reckless Driving

Most people abide by the rules of the road and pay attention to their surroundings. Reckless drivers, however, think mainly about themselves and their destination. People that cross 4 lanes of heavy traffic to avoid missing an exit are reckless drivers. Reckless drivers may also drive faster than the speed limit and ignore pedestrian crossings. Any disregard for the safety of others and the rules of the road can be considered to be reckless driving.

Inattentive Driving

If you have ever seen a driver eating while driving or talking on the phone while driving, then you have witnessed an inattentive driver. A driver’s focus can be the most important thing he or she has behind the wheel. If a driver does not get enough sleep or inhibits his or her thinking with drugs or alcohol then he or she loses focus and reduces the reaction time needed to prevent accidents on the road. Drivers who get behind the wheel should make sure to get plenty of sleep and avoid distractions that may arise while on the road.

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