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Roundabout Intersections Safety

Roundabout intersections are not as common in the US as intersections that utilize signs or lights to control the flow of traffic. Some drivers may be confused on how to proceed when they enter a roundabout – questions of who yields to whom and when to use a signal are common. These traffic intersections may feel strange to US drivers, but they are common in Europe and other parts of the world. They also have been shown to be safer for drivers than other US intersections, if drivers are aware of how to use them. The concern of driver awareness should be addressed. The other safety issue with roundabouts is that studies have shown that they can be more dangerous for cyclists than other intersections.

Safety Tips

First, general navigation tips for drivers:

  • As you approach the intersection, check for cars already in the roundabout
  • Yield to any vehicles in your lane or whose path you would cross to enter
  • Maintain awareness of oversized vehicles, as they can have trouble navigating the curve of a roundabout
  • Do not switch lanes or stop while in the roundabout

Tips for cyclists in roundabouts:

  • If you are a driver, be extra aware of the presence of cyclists, checking for them especially before you enter and exit
  • If you are a cyclist, be sure to follow any signs telling you how to navigate the intersection
  • If the roundabout has an exterior lane for cyclists, you may want to avoid it altogether, as these have proven to be very dangerous for cyclists

Following these tips should keep both drivers and cyclists as safe as possible.

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