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The IPDE Method

Although no one can dictate how others conduct themselves on the road, it is possible to minimize the chances of getting into an accident by driving defensively. Being a good defensive driver entails not only observing obvious safety practices (following the speed limit, frequently surveying rear-view and side-view mirrors, using turn signals, etc.), but also staying alert to both road and traffic conditions not under your direct control.

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What Does IPDE Stand For?

IPDE is the acronym used to represent a series of steps commonly touted by driver education programs as the key to effective defensive driving. Below is a brief explanation of what each letter entails:

I – IDENTIFY potential dangers. This includes looking out for other vehicles and roadway features, and assessing the condition of your own car.

P – PREDICT where conflict might arise. Try and anticipate the actions of other drivers, as well as the outcomes of your own actions.

D – DECIDE what, when, and where. Decide to take a specific action to avert danger. For example, you might need to prepare to change your speed or direction.

E – EXECUTE. Actually maneuver your car to avoid an accident or dangerous situation.

IPDE is a proven method of defense driving. By following the above guidelines, you can contribute to the safety of all drivers on the road.

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