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Three Dangers of Urban Driving

Today’s cities are noisy, crowded, and packed with driving hazards. The intensity of driving in a busy city catches those accustomed to rural and suburban roads off guard and potentially overwhelms them. Everyone knows cities like New York City and Los Angeles are incredibly dangerous for anyone on the road. Many residents of these sprawling urban centers refuse to take their car with them when they relocate to the city. However, even smaller, less populated urban environments pose unique challenges. Driving there requires special care and extra caution.

There are many reasons you may find yourself driving in a densely populated city. Whether you commute to work each day, recently moved to the city, or are visiting a friend or family, you may be surprised at the array of hazards. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, pedestrian deaths and deaths at intersections are more common in cities. To avoid a tragic accident, be aware of these three dangers of urban driving:

  1. Construction sites and vehicles are extremely common throughout cities. Growing cities, such as Green Bay, are full of construction sites and equipment. A primary danger around construction sites is the workers themselves. For a driver not used to pedestrians on the road, the site of a person in a bright yellow hard-hat in the road can be surprising.
  2. Each year, thousands of accidents occur on one-way roads. Especially in downtown areas and neighborhoods, one-way roads are common. Head-on collisions, one of the most dangerous types of automobile accidents, frequently occur on one-way roads. After a momentary distraction, you may find yourself driving into oncoming traffic. Extreme vigilance is required around one-ways.
  3. Heavy traffic is a common occurrence in cities. Gridlock traffic and congested roads make it substantially easier to get in an accident. Road rage, an especially dangerous consequence of urban driving, leads to thousands of avoidable accidents each year.

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