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Tire Blowouts

Tire blowouts cause accidents each day and result in hundreds of injuries and deaths each year. A tire blowout is an incredibly fast decrease in tire pressure that usually results in the driver losing control of the vehicle.

Tire blowouts increase the chances of roll-over accidents due to the tread coming off the tires. Once the tread comes off a tire, it becomes incredibly hard for the tire to grip the road and forces fewer tires to carry more weight, making the car go off-balance thus causing a roll-over. This usually happens after the vehicle is forced to move in a sideways motion.

The Dangers of Yawing

The most dangerous type of tire blowout is occurs in the rear of the vehicle. If the occupant is driving down a highway and experiences a rear tire blowout, he or she will experience ‘yawing’, a common side-to-side motion in the back of the vehicle. The occupant will combat the yawing by getting his or her vehicle perpendicular with the road, but this is becomes difficult at high speeds and when the occupant is not expecting a blowout.

Tires are made from nylon, metal, and rubber. When the metal portion of the tire becomes unstuck with the rubber, belt separation occurs and usually causes the tire to pop. Belt and tread misalignment will also increase the likelihood of a blowout. Both these problems may be linked to the manufacturer or tire service company and can be grounds for a legal action.

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